Shipping policy

Crownmade is based in Washington State, USA, and ships our products directly from our fulfillment network from within the United States. We offer free standard ground shipping on US Domestic orders over $35.

Orders are fulfilled 24-48 hours after placing your order. Once shipped please allow 3-10 business days for your items to be delivered successfully

International shipping is unavailable at this time but we working to provide this option in 2021

Some orders may be shipped separately based on product availability from our fulfillment center. If you haven't received all of your items, please contact us at and we will be happy to track the items for you

Resin Mold Troubleshooting

Yes! Each Crownmade mold is created to have a shiny interior so you can get that signature resin shine.

Our coaster molds have standard 0.5" deep

Geode Coaster Mold: 4 oz. in each mold
Circle Coaster Molds: 4 oz. in each mold
Square Coaster Molds: 4 oz. in each mold
Geode Mini Molds: Less than 1 oz. for all 9 cavities
Large Geode Tray Mold: Up to 64 oz. depending on the depth poured

There are a few reasons this could happen. The simplest being that too much heat was generated on the resin with the use of a torch or heat gun that caused it to adhere to the molds. Another reason is that the resin created a hotter than usual exothermic reaction causing it to stick to the mold.

Molds are like any artist's tool, they wear out over time and are perishable. In addition to becoming dull, they can also lose their edge details and any other fine details on the mold. If you think that your molds suddenly became matte after only a few uses please reach out to our team at to discuss a replacement.