Makers Resin UV Cast &
Makers Resin UV Cast &
Makers Resin UV Cast &
Makers Resin UV Cast &

Makers Resin UV Cast 'n' Coat Epoxy Resin 1:1 Kit

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  • AMAZING ARTS & CRAFTS: Enhance DIY, art, and jewelry projects by coating or casting them with a flawless gloss shine! Our epoxy resin kit contains both resin and hardener bottles, that when combined, create our premium quality liquid glass coating. Ample creativity available with a 45-minute working time; ensure that your room temperature is between 73-80°F for best results.
  • EXCELLENT CLARITY: With low viscosity, this gloss coating resin has been expertly formulated to allow the release of bubbles – providing a smooth, crystal-clear finish. If any bubbles do rise to the surface 3–5 minutes after application, we recommend using a torch to pop or alcohol spray to disperse them.    
  • NON-TOXIC & LOW ODOR: FDA compliant and 100% food-safe, our resin casting liquids have been laboratory-tested to ensure that they can be safely used as food-contact surfaces when accurately measured, thoroughly mixed, and fully cured.
  • EASY-TO-USE: Simply measure and pour equal parts of each bottle into a measuring cup and mix for approx. 3-5 minutes. Ensure your work surface is flat and protected with a plastic sheet, then slowly pour the self-leveling epoxy resin over your artistic creations to attain a professional gloss shine! Full instructions are included.
  • UV & HEAT-RESISTANT: Protecting your artwork from UV damage, heat, and moisture; this coating liquid not only seals surfaces to preserve all the colors, but it also has a heat deflection temperature of 100°F before it begins to soften. When poured at a 0.5” thickness, it can even hold the heat of a mug containing your favorite hot beverage!

Enhance artistic creations by giving them a professional gloss shine with our 1:1 Epoxy Resin Kit, perfect for arts & crafts, jewelry, and DIY projects. Combine equal parts of both bottles to create the self-leveling, low viscosity, and ultra-clear formula that can simply be poured onto your artwork to give them a high-shine, protective coating that hardens within 45 minutes.

Presenting MAKER’S RESIN Cast & Coat Epoxy Resin By Crownmade!
✅ 100% compliant with FDA regulations, this non-toxic casting resin can be safely used to create food-contact surfaces when user instructions are followed.

  It is also UV and heat-resistant so that the vibrant colors below the gloss won’t fade or be affected by temperatures up to 100°F.

 Further product details and instructions can be found within the packaging.

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Technical Specifications

Mix Ratio by Volume


Mixed Viscosity

3,200 cP

Open Time (100-gram mix)

40-45 minutes

Demold Time (100-gram mix)

24-48 hours*



*additional layers can usually be applied after 4-6 hours

Open and demold times can vary depending on room temperature.

California Proposition 65:
This product can expose you to Epichlorohydrin, a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer and/or reproductive harm.