Why There Is A Resin Shortage & What You Can Do!

Why There Is A Resin Shortage & What You Can Do!
The Ice storm in Texas cut off the water supply to the refinery plants that supply some of the ingredients that make up your epoxy resin kits. Add that issue to an already demand on supply and slower general working due to COVID restrictions and you get this shortage that we may find ourselves in.
Is it forever? No. Manufacturers anticipate things getting back into a regular flow eventually but in the meantime, you may find longer processing times and perhaps even price increases from your resin companies if they are produced in the USA.
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So what you CAN you do if you find yourself out of resin for some time? Here are 3 things that can keep you moving forward in your creative resin business.
  1. Take an inventory of all your finished pieces and unfinished pieces and put in place a plan to get the unfinished pieces done.
  2. Tackle and tidy up your Etsy listings, or wherever you host your product details online. Some key areas include a clear specific title, eye-catching product photos & utilizing all tags in Etsy.
  3. Pick up a paintbrush. Sometimes mixing up our own creative process can bring about a fresh flow of inspiration when you have resin available again.


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