Use Duct Tape To Clean Resin Off Your Silicone Mat

Use Duct Tape To Clean Resin Off Your Silicone Mat
Resin. It's a mess to clean up and not the most glamorous process but we can make things a little easier for ourselves. One way is to upgrade our workstation to using a silicone mat as a work surface. As you know from using our silicone molds the resin doesn't stick to the silicone. However it can be super time consuming to pick off all the little drips of resin that cure on the mat after a good pouring sesh. Want to know an easier and faster way to get that mat looking like new? 

DUCT TAPE! Seriously, it works a treat! Simply grab a strip and press it down like your giving yourself a leg wax and rip that tape off! Ha! Easy, and I must admit, super satisfying a therapeutic to do.  

It will also work well on cleaning up your silicone cups if you use them too. Those little resin pieces can be such a pain to get out of the cup, but if you roll back the tape into a circle you can put it in the cup and have the tape stick to the sides to pick up the pieces! 

Check out this short reel I made showing how easy it is! 
- Helen xo

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