Is Comparison Killing Your Creativity?

Is Comparison Killing Your Creativity?

Hey Resin Maker! 

You may have heard the phrase 'comparison is the thief of joy' but when did we last take a moment to really evaluate if we have allowed that to happen? 

If you are like me, then creativity is simply a way of life. It's a gift and no one can take that away, however, when we don't value it or ourselves enough it can get buried so deep in comparison causing moments (sometimes long moments) of insecurity and doubt. Also, as creatives we tend to 'absorb' our thoughts vs being able to articulate our thoughts. So, I have learnt that if I spend more of my time scrolling through my social media feed (which is trained to show me things like me and that I like) than I do in the studio creating then I haven't set myself up for discovering my creative voice and expression. I came across this art piece yesterday at a local furniture shop. It said: 

"Certain things catch your eye, but pursue only those that capture the Heart"

Nuff said. That's it right there. We are constantly seeing things that catch our eye and end up believing that its that we need to pursue!  

One big key to start believing is that we are not limited to our creativity at all. And what's even better is that their is LIMITLESS creativity available. You need to start believing that there is more room in this world and the world of resin and their are endless ways to create waiting to be expressed through you! 

So what are some practical ways we can start to make room for our creativity that is true to us and not dampened by comparison? 

1. Schedule out your social media posts. Use a software like Later to get all your content scheduled out to free you up to create more! 

  1. But boundaries around it. Maybe you create first and then you spend time going on social media?
  2. Encourage 5 people today and each day and celebrate what they are doing. Treating others the way we want to be treated is a guaranteed win to make you feel better and more connected :)

But most importantly, enjoy your journey. I never saw molds as part of my creative expression when I started Crownmade. So who knows what will be in your story as you create your way through life! 

I chatted about this and more on this weeks Facebook LIVE. Catch the replay!

Remember, you were Made For Creativity,


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