Introducing The New Improved Geode Coaster Molds!

Introducing The New Improved Geode Coaster Molds!
It was October 2019 and the geode coaster molds came to market and went live on Amazon. I had spent to summer drawing up shapes, testing samples and starting production to then wait a patient 30 days for them to arrive by sea and get checked in at Amazon. 
Like some of you I got introduced to resin from the paint pouring world and once I saw all the amazing things you could make I was in love! I especially wanted to make some geode style coasters but didn't want to build walls out of silicone caulking and finding geode coaster molds at that time was not as easy as it is now. 
So here was presented this need I had and I had the craziness to believe that maybe, just maybe, I might not be the only one. 

Here was the original drawing of the shapes I did: 


Then they turned into this: 

But there was more. After a couple of large orders and really testing the market and listening to our resin artists and makers it become apparent that I needed to refine the design to prevent some uneven molds that were being produced due it its thick circular edge. 

So we took the same 4 unique shapes and brought the boarders in to go along the shape. Added our logo to the molds so you can know you have the real deal in your hands! And we then added some fun new packaging to welcome you to the world of Crownmade and Resin making! 

Grab a brand new set today! 
Love Helen x

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