Important Crownmade Update!

Important Crownmade Update!

It has been a long time, but no time like the present to share an important update with you all.

Last June I experienced what I now understand were the warning signs of emotional burnout. Everything including this business got put on hold, the back burner, while I got myself well physically and emotionally. I knew I needed to make some serious changes to the role this business had in my life and so here we are, making the right decisions even though they don't feel good.

As with anything traumatic like this, it brings a lot of personal reflection and I have gone on an inward journey for the last 9 months to uncover and untangle myself from a bit of a mess. The truth is, in finding success in selling molds, I in turn lost myself in the swirl of it all and forgot the origin point of why I started creating and where Crownmade was inspired from. I had become consumed with the needs and wants of those around me and forgot about myself. Most of you have only known Crownmade for resin molds, but I know Crownmade before molds, and that Crownmade was founded on the inspiration to bring healing through creativity. 

So with that said, I am going to be breaking the mold (box) that I allowed to come around me with the selling of physical products. Once these products have sold there will be no more restocks, and the physical products that makeup Crownmade will come to an end. 

What this means practically at this moment:

  1. Current shop and social channels will begin to display Crownmade Resin Molds

  2. We are currently in talks with another mold supplier to sell the remaining coaster molds

  3. All products will no longer be restocked moving forward. Once they are gone, they are gone.

  4. Be on the lookout for Liquidation Sale prices and offerings online and in your inbox over the next couple of months. Now is the time to stock up on our wonderful products at steep discounts.

  5. Free Shipping threshold is now lowered to $30 at 

  6. Don't forget to use up any Resin Points you have available to redeem, a deadline for these will be announced later. 

My hope in sharing this process with you is that you too would be brave to stay true to yourself in all you do. That you would find freedom in who you are and not try and find it in what you do. As creatives we create. It’s a very vulnerable experience if we are connected to ourselves. So, if you find yourself creating for creating sake, and it is about production, ask yourself why and what you are trying to prove. The greatest place to create from is a place of connection with who you are first, and then those around you.

Who you are is amazing, and the creativity that is in you unlocks freedom in you!

- Helen

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