3 Ways To Show Your Molds Some Love

3 Ways To Show Your Molds Some Love
Love is in the air this weekend and nothing says I love you more than a box of new resin molds! Did you see this fun quote I posted earlier this week? I think you'll agree with me that our resin supplies have a special place in our hearts. 

All joking aside, here are 3 ways you can look after your silicone resin molds:

1.  Avoid the heat gun and torch when possible

Resin as it is curing under goes an exothermic (heat generating) reaction as it is curing. If you then start using your butane torch in addition you are adding a lot more heat very quickly and the resin will stick to the silicone. It is recommended to wait 5-10 mins and let the majority of the bubbles rise to the surface and do a light flash with the torch or you can spray with isopropyl alcohol. Just don't spray with alcohol and then use the torch = FIRE! 

 2. Wash between use with mild warm soapy water
Silicone molds are just like any other tool we have in our studio. They will respond well to some care and attention. A quick rinse under the tap will help keep them clean and ready to go the moment inspiration strikes. Just be sure to not let any resin drips go down the sink. 

3. Avoid scratching the inside with sharp objects like sticks or tweezers. 

Be careful when using things to move resin around or place items in the molds when casting. Find something with a smooth edge like our resin stir sticks or similar. If you can feel the scratch in the mold with your finger then it is most likely going to transfer onto the finished product. 

If you have any more tips share them in the comments below! 

Helen x

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  • miriam zambrana

    I’m so happy with my tray and coasters have question, they are really thick is hard to see and get all the same thickness , if I pour to the top they will be to thick and to much resin any tips??

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