How To Make A Resin Keychain - Mini Geode Style!

How To Make A Resin Keychain - Mini Geode Style!

Resin Keychains are a great starter craft for any inspiring beginner resin artist and also a perfect complimentary to your established Etsy Shop as their is always a small amount of resin left over after mixing and creating that could be used. 

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Supplies Needed: 

The Process: 

1. Follow your resins instructions for mixing and mix in your pigments, or leave it clear to cast something pretty in the mold. 

2. Pour your resin as desired into the mold and after a few minutes lightly go over with a torch to pop any bubbles that have risen to the surface. 

3. Now depending on your resin a cure suitable enough for demolding will take 1-2 days. 

4. Once its ready you can pop our your creations (this is the best part in my opinion).

Assembly Time:

Now we take your Mini Resin Geode piece and turn it into something practical and fun! You will need your Dremel tool, keychain pieces and jewelry pliers for this stage. Make sure you are protecting your eyes and lungs and wear a mask to keep out the resin dust. 

1. Hold your resin piece with your hand resting on your worksurface and as the drill piece makes contact with the resin gently apply a small amount of pressure as the drill goes through. Resin is actually really soft and so this doesn't take much effort at all for the Dremel. 

2. Take the piece of keychain and thread it through and before closing the ring add the chain piece.

3. Then use the jewelry pliers to close up the clasp and viola! 

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Check out this video for a closer look at the Mini Geode Mold!



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