Artist Feature Week - Reanna with Gluesticksandpolaroids

Artist Feature Week - Reanna with Gluesticksandpolaroids

This week's Artist Feature is Reanna (@gluesticksandpolaroids), we've been admiring her recent creations! 

Helen: Hi Reanna! One of the first things we've been wondering is how did you get started with resin? 

Reanna: I started seeing resin about 8+ years ago in my local art community and it wasn't until about 2019 that my curiosity got the best of me. I started watching every tutorial I could find on Youtube and did a full dive into resin.

Helen: So cool! What tips have you learned for working with resin?

Reanna: Safety first! I talk about this a lot with folks who are thinking about trying resin. Make sure you use gloves and a proper respirator. Research your resin of choice and be aware when you're working with resin, it's a finicky chemical.

Helen: Safety is definitely important! What would you say inspires you?

Reanna: Mostly nature. There are just so many cool things out in nature that you can take inspiration from and bring with you into the studio. I'm talking colors, patterns, textures, all of it!

Helen: What's your creative process?

Reanna: My creative process only begins when I'm in a clean studio, after that I'm able to put on some music and really focus on the creative flow. I really love experimenting with new ideas and seeing where they take me.

Helen: What do you enjoy when you’re not creating? 

Reanna: Reading a good book, traveling, and taking in new adventures!

Helen: Where is your studio?

Reanna: In Boston, MA

Helen: Our last question for you is...what's your favorite Crownmade product?!

Reanna: Hands down all of the coaster molds! I use them regularly in my workshops and they are the absolute best molds on the market. I don't think I can pick a favorite coaster shape though. They're all fantastic.

Thanks Reanna for taking the time to share with us! 

Want to know more about Reanna? You can follow her on Instagram at @gluesticksandpolaroids and leave us a comment below to let us know what resonated the most with you!

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