Artist Feature Week - Marla with MarlaMorrisonArt

Artist Feature Week - Marla with MarlaMorrisonArt

This week's Artist Feature is Marla with MarlaMorrisonArt, we were excited to get to know her! 

Helen: Hi Marla! One of the first things we were wondering was how did you get started working with resin? 

Marla: I saw petri art, created by Josie Lewis, and was completely fascinated. I had to try it out and see how it worked!

Helen: That's so cool that you got into resin through petri art! Do you have any tips for working with resin?

Marla: Allow plenty of time to prepare the work surface and molds. Make sure the resin is 'comfortable room temp' not too cold or hot. I always have plenty of molds out because I'd rather pour as many molds as possible rather than waste any resin. Plus, the 'extra resin' is fun for experimenting.

Helen: Very true! What would you say inspires you?

Marla: Nature, (specifically animals, flowers, leaves, bugs and landscapes) has consistently been my core inspiration. Playing with color and fluidity of motion is a big part of why resin is inspiring to me.

Helen: What's your creative process?

Marla: My creative process involves being observant of some of the details surrounding me. Unusual plants, interesting cloud patterns, old paint on the concrete, pleasing color combos and so on are some examples. I take a photo of these things or situations and review them often. I think my brain 'churns' on ideas in the background. Then, the ideas will come forward when I have time in the studio or have other supplies with me. Another practice that helps the ideas flow is spending time either on walks, or cleaning up my studio.

Helen: What do you enjoy when you’re not creating? 

Marla: I enjoy hanging out with my husband and our 3 kiddos (16 year old son, and 10 year old boy and girl twins). Having lunch or coffee with a friend, nature walks, watching movies when the kids are in bed, trying new restaurants (especially Indian or Thai). Also, caring for our mini forest of houseplants, is a relaxing past time as well.

Helen: Where is your studio?

Marla: I feel fortunate to have a room in our home as my studio space. It has a lock on the door which is essential with curious kiddos around!

Helen: Finally, what's your favorite Crownmade product?!

Marla: It is truly difficult to choose one, so I'll share my favorites; the geode coasters, round coasters, and the mini geode molds. When you make something new, I'm definitely always happy to try it out!

Thanks, Marla for taking the time to share with us! 

Want to know more about Marla? You can follow her on Instagram at @marlamorrisonart and leave us a comment below to let us know what resonated the most with you!

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