Artist Feature Week - Krystal with IslaLuna

Artist Feature Week - Krystal with IslaLuna

This week we're kicking off Crownmade's first ever Artist Feature Week!

Our first artist is Krystal with IslaLuna, we were excited to learn more about her!

Helen: Hi Krystal! One of the first things we've been dying to know is how did you get started with resin?

Krystal: I was introduced to resin almost 2 years ago through a friend. I started off making coasters, phone grips, charcuterie boards- and that spiked an interest in creating something bigger! I had an opportunity to create a unique table top design for a body sculpting studio in Rancho Cucamonga, California. That stone table, which was upcycled, led to even more opportunities to create other unique pieces for a Lash studio in Ontario, Ca., as well as tables for people's homes.

Helen: Wow that is a brave going for bigger projects like that! Do you have any tips for working with resin?

Krystal: Practice and stay patient! I am still learning and growing. Do your research before purchasing resin and make sure you protect yourself. I'd also recommend wearing old clothing you don't care about.  Resin is extremely messy and will ruin your clothes. Lastly, don't compare yourself or your art. Be unique and have fun!

Helen: Wise words there! What would you say inspires you?

Krystal: I find inspiration nature. Sunsets, the moon, the ocean, animals, geodes, but mostly in my daughter, Isla. She is the true artist and has helped with ideas, colors, and lending encouraging support.

Helen: What's your creative process?

Krystal: Each piece I create is always different. I consult with my client over colors and ideas. I have a vision in my head, get in a fun, creative space and let it take over! It's a release for me as well and feels so free to just BE in a state of creativity.

Helen: What do you enjoy when you’re not creating? 

Krystal: When I'm not creating, I enjoy watching my daughter play soccer. Helping my partner at his Taekwondo studio, working out, grabbing sushi, taking spontaneous trips, and always the beach. It's my favorite place to be. 

Helen: Where is your studio?

Krystal: Currently, my studio is a spare room in my home. Maybe one day I will have a larger space to work out of. 

Helen: Finally, what's your favorite Crownmade product?!

Krystal: This is tough! I really enjoy creating with the Geode Silicone molds.  I also really enjoy creating with Aqua resin. The fast cure time is my favorite part, but also being Eco-friendly and easy to use.

Thanks, Krystal for taking the time to share with us! 

Want to know more about Krystal? You can follow her on Instagram at @islaluna_co and leave us a comment below to let us know what resonated the most with you!

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