Artist Feature Week - Cinethia

Artist Feature Week - Cinethia

This week's Artist Feature is Cinethia (@cinethia), we were excited to get to learn more about her! 

Helen: Hi Cinethia! One of the first things we always want to know is how did you get started working with resin? 

Cinethia: I was creating geodes out of concrete and covering them with fluid art. I joined a fluid art group on Facebook and I won a sample of resin from an artist who was paying it forward.

Helen: So fun! Do you have any tips for working with resin?

Cinethia: Have a bright light handy to help see if your resin is fully mixed.  Mixing in clear containers helps but also holding it up to a light to make sure you’ve gotten all the “strings” thoroughly mixed.

Helen: Making sure you have enough light is definitely helpful! What would you say inspires you?

Cinethia: Nature! I love to use colors and items from nature to create items that I want or need.

Helen: What's your creative process?

Cinethia: I really like to use flowers I’ve grown or I will upcycle or recycle things.  I create things that I would like to use or with a person in mind. Video production is something I really enjoy so I try and make that a fun part of the process as well.

Helen: What do you enjoy when you’re not creating? 

Cinethia: Sleeping!  I’m in a constant state of creation so it’s really no fun when I’m not working out a video or the next piece I want to create.  I really enjoy learning about whatever craft I’m immersed in when I’m not doing said craft.

Helen: Where is your studio?

Cinethia: My studio has been in several different spaces in my home and currently resides in an outdoor room my husband enclosed for me.

Helen: Finally, what's your favorite Crownmade product?!

Cinethia: Not a product but a feature of each mold is the depth!  I can easily fit my silica dried flowers and do many layers for extra details!  I especially love the big geode mold!

Thanks Cinethia for taking the time to share with us! 

Want to know more about Cinethia? You can follow her on Instagram at @cinethia and leave us a comment below to let us know what resonated the most with you!

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