3 Tips For Creating A Successful Resin Tray

3 Tips For Creating A Successful Resin Tray

If you have spent any time creating resin coasters then trays are going to be the perfect complementary product to offer your customers. This new geode inspired resin tray was designed and created to be the ideal pairing with our geode coaster molds. 

Measuring a good 16 inches in diameter it is the size of a regular serving tray that you would pick up at your local Target store. 

Larger molds like this require a little more attention and so I have put together three points to take into consideration before you pour. 

1. Make it level:

When working with a large surface area like this tray small measurements of uneven surface become big and obvious as you create in the tray. So before you pour make sure what the tray is sitting on is as level as possible. 


2. Work in layers:

This mold is deep, and because you are making a big tray you will want it deep for overall sturdiness etc. I recommend pouring your initial decorative layer and leaving room for a nice top coat before you pop it out of the mold. The tray will take approximately 64oz of resin to plan it out accordingly. I have done it split in two where I use 32oz mixed to do my creative piece with it and then another 16 -32oz for the top coat.  Again this depends on the thickness of the resin you are using. 


3. Expect a longer cure time: 

Don't panic if when you take it out of the mold on day 2 that it is still bending. Lay it out on a flat surface and over time of about 5-7 days it will set to a full cure. Again this depends on the resin you use. Feel free to share you experience in a comment below for others to learn. I have used a 1:1 resin and this has been my experience.  


As with all my molds, take care when popping bubbles as to not melt the silicone. Its worth waiting 5-10 mins to let the bubbles populate on the surface and get them with one quick pass through of the torch then to keep using the torch again and again and keep reheating the resin. 

Store the mold flat when not in use after washing with mild soapy water. 

Want to give it a try? Click here to view more about the product. 

I can't wait to see what you create! Be sure to use #crownmademaker on Instagram for me to see :) 

Helen x

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