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Aqua-Resin® Terrazzo/Marbleizing Kit

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Aqua-Resin® Terrazzo/Marbleizing Kit
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You take your resin art seriously and so do we. From ideas to end products we think of you and your resin art hobby/business. Each of our resin molds are designed for repeated use and deep for a variety of applications. There are no limits to what you can create with Crownmade Molds!

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These geode coaster molds are awesome!
I have used them several times and they continually produce beautiful shiny coasters that simply pop out. No need for mold release. Best mold investment I have made!!


These molds are sturdy and strong. I have had zero issues with staining or sticking. Looking forward to them coming back in stock so that I can purchase a couple more. :) Highly recommend!!


These are amazing molds! They de-mold easily and produce fantastic coasters.


I am in love with these! They are great quality! I opened them and immediately was in awe!

Kim Joyce

Love these molds! They are sturdy, well made and so easy to use! 

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Everything you could need for creating beautiful resin pieces with Crownmade Molds.

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